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Tap into your own power with Shamanic Energy Healing. Shamanic Energy Healing is ideal for anyone looking to break unwanted behavioural, mental and emotional patterns. I use various Shamanic procedures to guide you through your own healing. After the session the recipient feels more at peace, grounded and empowered.


Do you have questions that you would like answered? Having difficulty making a decision? Tarot is a brilliant tool for receiving guidance, gaining clarity and helping us make the best decision for us.


Reiki healing is for individuals experiencing physical or mental/emotional challenges (illness, pain, depression, anxiety, stress etc). Reiki is not a medical treatment, however, has been known to work well alongside medical intervention.
Reiki healing can be recieved in person or via distance healing.
A phone consultation is required before booking this service. Please phone or email to enquire.

Reiki Treatment

Holistic Massage is perfect for mind - body health. I incorporate skin brushing, gua sha (scraping of the skin), essential oils and crystals during the Massage.Experience deep relaxation while increasing blood flow to the skin and muscles, aiding the lymphatic system in detoxification and purification.
A phone consultation is required before booking this service.

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