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My name is Gilda and I am a certified Holistic Practitioner based in West London with over 7 years experience.
I offer Shamanic Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Tarot Readings, Chakra Clearing and Holistic Massage. My goal is to help people feel better. Whether you are looking to gain answers and need clarity on making a decision, have been experiencing anxiety or depression, are living with a chronic illness and are looking relax, are looking to ground yourself and deepen your spirituality. I have you covered.
I'm happy to assist. Send me an email and I will be more than happy to help.


International Energy Healing Service, Remote and in person.


Feel Centred

Gain Clarity 

Increased Positivity 

 Feel Grounded

Increased Motivation

Ease Anxiety 

Increased Self and Spiritual Awareness

Image by Kayla Maurais

Tarot Reading 

Gain a deeper understanding and clarity on situations

I use my own intuition as well as Tarot, Oracle Cards and a pendulum to help clients gain understanding regarding their personal situation and gain answers. Whether it is a love reading, career advice, family conflict, feeling stuck...I help my clients gain perspective and clarity regarding the challenges they face.

Peacock Feather

Shamanic Energy Healing 

Remote sessions and in person

Shamanic Energy Healing identifies blockages stored within the physical and energetic body. This session can be experienced in person as well as remotely. Together we will look at unwanted patterns of behaviour, thought patterns and core beliefs driving the pattern you will clear. During this session the heavy emotions stored within the Chakra's will be cleared, energetic work will be done to ensure your Chakras are clear and illuminated in preparation for a positive new positive belief instilled.This session also includes cutting karmic cords and clearing outdated soul contracts.


Reiki Healing

Hands on or off

Experience relaxing Reiki energy healing session in clinic. Hands on or hands off options available. Energy healing promotes relaxation, increases a sense of mental and emotional clarity and rejuvenation. Reiki works well in conjuction with medication however, it is NOT a substitute for medication.

Back Massage

Holistic Massage 

Relax and unwind with a relaxing full body massage in Acton or Hammersmith.


Chakra Clearing

Create space for more positive energy

Our chakras are part of our energy system. Over time the chakras may get clogged with heavy or negative energies. The more heavy energy we gold within our energy system, the more heavy energy we attract. During this session I will help clear your chakras.

Contact for an initial consultation.

Gain clarity on persisting issues. I use tarot, oracle cards and pendulum to help my clients gain the answers and clarity they need. Book a 30 minute phone reading.

Remote Office
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